No Genealogy Data

Sorry gang - my webhosting service is complaining that I'm using up too many resources - input/output maxing out and creating faults.  They've been throttling my account and I've been trying to get to a solution.  I think between bots and DDOS attempts on WordPress, it's affecting the server. So far my attempts to cut … Continue reading No Genealogy Data


January 2018 update

Happy New Year! I'm hoping to upload a brand new GEDCOM to my database in the next few days with all the work I did last year thanks to the Ancestry subscription I had. I'm assuming at this point because it is a major update and I'll be overwriting all the family data, that it … Continue reading January 2018 update

Estacaille group for cousins on Facebook

Hey reader, A quick heads up to let you know I recently started a Facebook group for Estacaille cousins.  I've started posting photos from my tree and sending invites to cousins.  We've got quite the start with Dilley, Bartley and Jahraus cousins joining in.  I'm hoping that the cousins from France and South America will … Continue reading Estacaille group for cousins on Facebook