March 8, 2018: The database is up & running in a basic mode at the moment, but it appears everything is working properly so far.  Visit it at

Currently the profiles of individuals in my GEDCOM that do not have a death date are hidden. So if a child dies before his/her parent’s, you will not see the child’s ancestry.

There links to media files: headstones, photos, documents, histories, census records.  And links to cemeteries, lists of places mentioned in the database, today’s birth dates, deaths & anniversaries. Plus one of the favorites – a surname list with indexes to people in the database.  Whenever possible, women are listed with their maiden name.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a lot of the time, so women may be in the index by first name only (listed under filter option “no surname”).





January 18, 2018

Sorry visitor – the genealogy database is down temporarily while I move it to a different subfolder in an attempt to increase security against an overabundance of bot traffic.

I’ll keep you updated here and on the front page.