AncestryDNA done

Hey everyone Hope you've been having a good winter.  Ours has been colder than usual, but haven't had much in the way of snow, just a couple of snowstorms that drop maybe 1.5 feet, then warms up and melts.  I currently have no snow on my lawns, just in the ditches which are frozen ponds … Continue reading AncestryDNA done


Obituary – Allan Estacaille 1971-2016

A little late in posting, but so far there hasn't been an obituary posted in the local newspapers. So, I will build some digitally. It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the sudden passing of my brother, Allan Estacaille. He is survived by his parents, one sister, several aunts, uncles and cousins … Continue reading Obituary – Allan Estacaille 1971-2016

Estacaille group for cousins on Facebook

Hey reader, A quick heads up to let you know I recently started a Facebook group for Estacaille cousins.  I've started posting photos from my tree and sending invites to cousins.  We've got quite the start with Dilley, Bartley and Jahraus cousins joining in.  I'm hoping that the cousins from France and South America will … Continue reading Estacaille group for cousins on Facebook

Zinio 48 hour sale digital magazines

A quick note - I live in a small home, just under 800 square feet and have a lot of interests.  So I'm finding myself trying to go more digital, especially with my collection of books and magazines. Zinio.com, a online library of magazine subscriptions, has a 48-hour sale of 40% off on new subscriptions. … Continue reading Zinio 48 hour sale digital magazines