Website plans

I'm slowly working on design changes for my genealogy database website. Progress is slow due to the facts that I've been busy building a website for a client, plus my gardening & yard work. I did inherit some of my parents, grandparents, great GPS talent for gardening. I'd say my thumb is semi-green as I'm … Continue reading Website plans


Estacaille submission to 23andMe DNA

I took advantage of the recent Fathers Day sale at to order another DNA kit, to give it a spin. I just submitted it this week my mail, and will post an update here and on my Facebook group once I see the results. I did order the ancestry & health reports kit, out … Continue reading Estacaille submission to 23andMe DNA

The growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I'm reading today an article in AFP about the latest measurements of the Pacific garbage patch between Hawaii and California Let me think about where all this garbage is coming from... no big secret it's from messy humans... probably some of it will still be remnants of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.  … Continue reading The growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch