More DNA tests

Two weeks ago, my parents DNA tests results were finally active on Ancestry. I find it takes about 6 weeks from the time it’s mailed before results are available.

Anyway, I spent part of my Sunday evening logging into their accounts, printing the reports and connecting their profiles to the tree I have built of about 1300. (My research tree is bigger than that, closer to 5,500, but for the most part the secondary tree I have on Ancestry is slowly built from actual records.)

It is interesting to be able now to compare my results to my parents. My dad’s results does not show matches for France or Germanic Europe, but mine does as does my mom. My results shows a small percentage of Scandenavian-Sweden, while both my parents show small parts Norwegian instead. The Iberian-Spanish-Basque, as well as UK/Scottish collections are roughly the same. I’m now waiting on Ancestry to update the changes I’ve made to their profile connections, which will trigger a population on their DNA Circles reporting.

I mentioned above that my tree is bigger than the 1,300+ I’ve built on Ancestry. That’s because I started collection my data just prior to the boom of the Internet. So I have plenty of family notes from cousins and other researchers that don’t have verified sources. Slowly building my tree on Ancestry by finding those missing sources allows my to save those record images into my Legacy database and Clooz software. Tech savvy as I am, my original files are offline, with both offline & cloud backups. Why? Well, primarily because I only trust software makers/websites so far… when I post my data on subscription based websites such as Ancestry, MyHeritage, I know they are profiting from my data without any payment to me or my cousins. Do I profit likewise? Maybe to a smaller extent when I need to pay their subscription price to access a source record. And that price is usually at +30% more converting their USD fees to CAD.

Now putting my info on my own personal hosting account which I also pay a couple yearly fees for… well, my profit on that is (or was) more fulfilling in some ways, as an unknown cousin would email me thanking for the research I’ve done and shared that helped them discover the names of their x great grandparents. That can feel priceless at times, can’t it? I rarely get that from contacts through the subscription sites.

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