Family connections: July 12-25

A bit of family news this past week or so. I received in the mail earlier this month a nice letter from a Hosmer cousin, Sharon. We hadn’t corresponded before, but I have exchanged letters in the past with her mom who due to health issues no longer writes. I’ve written back by snail mail and look forward to hearing more from her and another Hosmer cousin, Jean.

This has perked up in me a bit of sleuthing on the Lane side of the family, in particular a 4th Great aunt. Now, I don’t have any family info on her, I’ve been piecing together sources trying to find branches. In the 1880 census for Athens, Bradford county, PA I was looking for 4th great-grandmother Frances Lane who later married John Hosmer (listed as widowed in that 1880 census). I found a female Frankie Lane listed in a family of Frank & Dora Campbell. So at the moment I’m going on the assumption that Dora and Frances are sisters.

1880-1881 Frances and John Hosmer married after the census and moved west, eventually settling in Pingree, Stutsman county, ND. Jamestown ND is the closest town that had a newspaper and thank to the website Chronicling America, I’ve found news clippings regarding the family, including mentions of Mrs Hosmer being visited by her sister Dora Campbell.

There is a transcribed record of 1885 census for ND Stutsman county that lists a Dora Campbell , widowed, from PA and running a boarding house. I also have reason to believe after reading some newspaper snippets that Dora married William Fletcher, same area. And have I mentioned that Frances and John had a daughter, 3rd great grand-aunt, they named Dora?

I’m hoping the Hosmer cousins might have some sources that will confirm all this data I’ve collected.

If you’ve done an Ancestry DNA kit have you been on lately to see any updates to the ethnic/migration charting? Mine has changed with the Iberian portion being more defined between Basque/Spanish/French. And my Scandenavian/Baltic roots have also been more defined.

And on a sad note, great aunt Lil passed away this past weekend, age 80. I don’t have much in the way of memories of her as we rarely saw each other, living several provinces apart. Sometimes you dont rememver how big British Columbia is until you want to visit family. From the north coast to the center of the province is in itself a day worth of driving, another to get to Alberta or the lower mainland. Sorry for your loss cousins. Due to medical appointments, mom and dad won’t be able to make the memorial. I have discovered earlier this year that one of her grandsons has started researching his roots – thanks to us both doing DNA kits.

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