Updated database online

Yep! I finally did it!

I’ve had to move my blog off my domain due to my hosting plan no longer being able to handle a WordPress installation.  I was willing to upgrade to at least the basic WordPress hosting package, but my host kept pushing for an upgrade to dedicated VPS – that was overkill for my site.

So, I moved my blog over to a free plan on WordPress.com.  It has it’s pros and cons – I don’t have to worry about security, but on the free & paid personal sites I’m limited on my design.  Oh well…

But you wanted to know about the database…. you can find it at www.estacaille.org/genes.  I haven’t uploaded every person in my tree – it’s currently limited to those that are deceased.  So if a child is deceased before his/her parents, then you won’t be able to see the ancestry of the child.

And I haven’t uploaded any photos or documents yet. I’ve been waiting for the final go ahead from my hosting company. But so far, the genealogy software isn’t generating any faults so hopefully by the end of this week I can start uploading some images.

As I upload the images – I’ve got such a collection of census records, certificates, indexes – I’ll want to index them in my Clooz software as well.  This past year or so, I’ve tried to keep my records as images so I don’t have piles of paperwork laying around until I finally decide to build binders for it all.  But I’ve been neglecting the indexing part of the research.


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