About My Site

Hello visitor! If you're a returning visitor - welcome back! This site is a redesign of one I had a few years back. Hackers got into the that one and I had to recreate from scratch. I also used to have a separate site for http://www.braniffs.ws - although I haven't done much in the way … Continue reading About My Site


More DNA tests

Two weeks ago, my parents DNA tests results were finally active on Ancestry. I find it takes about 6 weeks from the time it's mailed before results are available. Anyway, I spent part of my Sunday evening logging into their accounts, printing the reports and connecting their profiles to the tree I have built of … Continue reading More DNA tests

The growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I'm reading today an article in AFP about the latest measurements of the Pacific garbage patch between Hawaii and California https://www.afp.com/en/news/23/pacific-plastic-dump-far-larger-feared-study-doc-12z3po3 Let me think about where all this garbage is coming from... no big secret it's from messy humans... probably some of it will still be remnants of the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.  … Continue reading The growing Great Pacific Garbage Patch

New website project – Loon Lake BC cabin rentals

Just recently made public a new site built for my current employers who have bought a resort on Loon Lake BC - Cabins on the Lake Resort. Formally known as Anuyou Resort, they have 8 rustic cabins overlooking Loon Lake BC between Kamloops and Clinton. The Peltier family took ownership of the resort last summer; … Continue reading New website project – Loon Lake BC cabin rentals